The Leibster Award has me sharing

A little confused, a lot stoked and a whole bunch of gushing came over me a couple of weeks ago when the very Honestly, Libby nominated Find+Share forward for a Liebster Award.

What the hell is a Leibster Award? Yep – if you’re new to the online community like me then you’ll be asking this question. From what I can make out thanks to Libby and Lorraine over at WordingWell the award is all about helping out smaller blogs get noticed and connected.

So here are the rules I’ve been given:

Rule #1: Post the award logo on your blog.

Check. It’s in this post.

Rule #2: Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their site.

On it – the fabulous, and honestly, Libby can be found here

Rule #3: Write 11 Random facts about yourself.

This, frighteningly, was what came to mind. And probably what’s more embarrassing is the order.

  1. I’m a seeker of ease and stillness but ironically I tend to be so busy getting there that I miss the moment.
  2. I’m Mummy to a rad little girl named Harper Hudson <3
  3. I’m Wifey to my incredibly supportive and hunk-of-a-husband Mr. Travis Hudson
  4. I recently decided to rock a new blonde-do for the first time since ‘splicing’ was cool in grade 10. Still deciding if this was a good decision.
  5. I do most things ‘by the book’.
  6. I like am obsessed with neatness.
  7. I hate cold weather. Like really hate it.
  8. It’s taken me a while to figure out life is simple and that I have a tendency to want to complicate it.
  9. I love magazines and will never buy the ‘e’ version.
  10. I get great pleasure from alone time.
  11. I treat shopping like a treasure hunt.



IMG_0618 IMG_1824IMG_1235 IMG_1809

Rule #4: Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers.

To be honest I felt I had to kind of break this rule. I could have listed a bunch of small, start-up blogs here but without spending hours and hours on the net getting to know them first I’ve opted to nominate those blogs I know to be quality and worthy of a shout-out. While some have well over 200 followers it’s a list I would honestly recommend you take a quick look at.

  1. Sweet Aroma Words (Friend of mine busting the busy world of perfumery.)
  2. Little Life of Rachel (So cute , great for reviews and this will be her second nomination by the looks of it.)
  3. The Fashion Buzz (I like this chic’s take on showing you her own style – it’s like looking into a friend’s wardrobe.)
  4. Eloise’s Diary (A weekly diary with tips and ticks from make-up to recipes.
  5.  A Life Less Bullshit (Need I say more?)
  6. Design Seeds (Soo good for a colour palette search.)
  7. Create As Folk (Laura gives great email if you’re on the verge of trying to change careers.)
  8. Apartment Therapy (Take one of the visual tours through an apartment, house or work space for some interior inspo.)
  9. Eat Yourself Healthy (Sally Joseph has some great wholesome recipes here.)
  10. Always Made With Love (And how can you now?! A pretty place from a swept away Mumma.)
  11. And in no way least by being last Trina Holden‘s blog just seems to deliver headlines that ‘click with me’ every time!

Rule #5: Answer the 11 questions they have left and ask your nominees 11 questions 

And here’s what Libby left me… 

1. What’s your favourite book?

Kris Carr’s Crazy, Sexy, Diet – life changer for me. But a recent read, The Comfort of Lies, was pretty good.

2. If your life were a movie, who would play you?

Hmm, Mandy Moore? I have no idea why.

3. If I looked through your iTunes, what song would you be most embarrassed for me to find?

50 cent ‘In Da Club’

4. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate and a lot of it!

5. What made you want to start a blog?

Seeing someone I knew have turn a blog into a business.

6. Who’s the biggest influence in your life?

My Husband – his chilled nature has rubbed off after 10 years and it’s done me the world of good for me.

7.  Would you rather go camping or to a resort?

Resort – every time.

8. If you could go back to school to learn ANYTHING, what would it be and why?

Maybe design? It was something I thought about but never pursued.

9.  Describe your dream vacation?

Apartment living near a beach – anywhere in the world.

10.  Who was your first crush?

Dylan from Beverly Hills 90210 (gush!)

11. Name a goal you wish to accomplish in the next six months.

Hoping a move is on the way!







Thanks again Libby for the nomination and I hope my readers enjoyed cruising through the answers <3


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{Found + Shared} Link Love

Link love, of the online kind, is something I chase. When I find a brilliant website, blog, online store or app I feel like I’ve been let in on a new secret. Over the years I’ve stored a gazillon links in bookmarks on my phone, home PC, work PC, tablet and laptop. Partly because I enjoy trolling back through my finds but, more realistically, because I haven’t figured out the whole sync-your-settings-across-multiple-devices thingy.

Given I’m a multi-enthused creature I jump on and through many trends as they serve me. Hence these links jump from home-making to health-seeking, worklife to spiritlife and fitness to fashion – a jumbled mix that’s very much me.

So as it’s winter and you might be spending a little more time inside (and online) I’m here to share the best the online spaces I’ve come to know, love and link to.


– P.S. Over the next 8 weeks I’m taking part in the Bright-Eyed + Blog-Hearted eCourse.

I started tofindandshare to lift the load from other perfection-pressured women, to shake that gorilla riding on their back, to break perfection’s spell and its rules. To. Let. It. Go.

And since launching this space I’ve felt pulled towards ramping up it’s offerings, getting more purposeful in it’s message and steering it along a mapped-out, and intention-driven, course.

I’m ALL in for this one.

So I’m keeping it short + sweetend with {Found + Shared}  posts like this one while I’m busy delving into the course work. 

I’d be so grateful for your patience and can’t wait to share with you the new-and-enlightened tofindandshare

  xxx – 

Where it all started and where I like to come back to…


The first blog I ever read. Ever. is Rachel MacDonald’s heartfelt, service-driven and gratitude-soaked online home. Rach and I worked at the same organisation back in 2010 and I had no idea that this PR-chic-from-level-2 had such divinity within her. I’ve watched her blossom from welcome-to-my-cool-hobby to welcome-to-the-home-of-my-six-figure-business. She’s the real deal. If you’re at all into life inspiration, blogging or just like to pick-up positive vibes in online places then head on over. Warning: you’re eyes may get food-drunk – it’s a visual feast!


When I want some feel good food…



IQS and are really great references if you’re trying to live a life less sweet. It’s great for dessert and morning tea recipe inspiration if you’re wanting to find ways of eating goodness while still enjoying the feeling of a treat.

I don’t subscribe to the whole world domination of the eradicate-sugar movement but I do think there’s benefits in knowing how much you’re putting in your body and what it actually does to your body. I’ve also bought (and cooked the hell out of) Sarah’s latest book I Quit Sugar For Life. I haven’t but I certainly learnt a lot!


When I’m stumped for what to where…


Ok here’s my tip: search for a piece you already have (a leather jacket, red handbag, burnt orange skirt) and watch all your new ways of how to wear it pop up. Sometimes (in the incredibly privileged western life we live) I forget about the clothing, jewelry, shoes and hats I have. So this is also a great way to weigh-up whether to throw something out. Before you do see how others are wearing it. You might fall in love with it all over again.


When I want personalised stationery…


I was addicted when I found Etsy. Probably at the best/worst possible time – planning my wedding. It’s how I found the lovely Jess Bates from Jack & Ella Paper Press. Jess WILL go the extra mile! This comes from a picky bride who stalked her by email for months (yes, not my proudest moment). You can check out her store here.


When it’s raining outside and I need to move…


I love this site because you can search a quick class by difficulty and time. Sometime I feel like busting out a few hard warrior poses, other times I’d like a long hour of sun salutations and stretching. Here, the choice is yours. My tip: Kim Wilson’s classes are perfecto.


When I’m into a TV show or feel like zoning out…


It’s rare that I find people who are not into Offspring. And if you’re as shocked as I am to hear these people exist then, like me, is probably your new best friend. If you’ve missed an episode jump online and stream it or if you feel like re-watching a few other classics (Neighbours, Glee, a-hem Being Lara Bingle) then they’re there too. Perfect for a rainy zone-out-Sunday.


and lucky last: when I need some new bedside friends…

Book depository

Free delivery. Timely service. A million and one books. The Book Depository is my one-stop-shop for all things written.

Happy clicking!


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{Found + Shared} My ‘Feel Good’ Finds

It’s rare that I let myself stop to do this. My personality doesn’t lend me to go back over old ground. My mind is usually so focused on getting the next thing done and ticked off the list that in my busy haze it seems like reminiscing is wasted time. Of course this is the crazy kicking in. In fact, sometimes, slowing down, being present and taking a look at where you are now and recognising where you’ve come from is all the therapy you might need.

I remember when I first had the idea of starting this blog… I wanted to be of service. I wanted to add value to a girl’s screen time by finding and sharing the things I loved, coveted, made and struggled with (the good and the I-can’t-believe-she-actually-admitted-that bad). I wanted to relate to that girl’s good vibes: inspiration, encouragement, connection and the kind of excitement you get when you find the last pair of Tony Bianco shoes, in your size, at half price AND with a red ‘take 50% of the marked price’ sticker on the bottom. Yep, that’s fate in my book.

I trekked through the few short years it took me for me to find the courage to start this little online piece. I trekked and I stumbled. On stuff. Stuff I thought worthy of sharing. Pretty things, useful things, great-buys, beautifully written and inspiring articles, quirky books or just a few tried and tested practices that my girlfriends noted were ‘a really good idea’. But away they went, in a file far-far away or banished as another bookmark in the ‘when I start my blog’ folder.

Today I decided it was time to share some of my collection of ‘feel good’ finds. And by this I mean sharing the feeling I found when I first read, heard, watched, touched or started to practice these little gems. To me they represent pit stops on my journey, my learnings, ergo a wee bit of wisdom (can I say that at 28?). Maybe they’ll help you to? So here’s five to start…

1. Journaling: Because it works.

I was lucky enough to be given a beautiful journal by a gorgeous, and very wise, friend. In it was a heart-felt message of all the lovely things we never say or acknowledge about ourselves. I start here every time I open it and before I pour the day’s thoughts onto the page. It sort of grounds me.

I can not begin to explain the magic that can happen in these little A5 bound trees. Something happens when you physically write down thoughts. It’s like a compass. Suddenly the path you were taking inside your head looks god-dam-awful once it’s on paper. Avoid making yourself write in it every day (unless you need to, of course). We’re human, we rebel against rules. Treat it like the treasure chest it will become and write (and unload) your most heaviest of bundles. I promise (and to coin a term from a girlfriend) the world on that day will feel less ‘wah, wah, sad’.

2. Indulge in curiosity and new age philosophy

Now not to get too woo-woo on you here, stay with me. I just can’t help but seek out a little bit of divine direction. While I don’t claim self-help books solve problems I do think it can be a case of horses-for-courses. If you read your horoscope you’re teetering on the same lines as Dan Millman’s book  The Life You Were Born To Live. A Guide To Finding Your Life PurposeIt’s based on determining your birth number (my birthday is 08/02/1986 so my birth number is 0+8+0+2+1+9+8+6=34 and 3+4=7, 34/7) which essentially highlights your life path (or at least the issues and challenges you’ll face). Gotta say this book was spot on for me. And like I’ve said about personality testing, this just gave me a little peace that I’m wired in a particular way. This time it’s my stars that are placed in exactly the way they’re meant to be. If you’re curious, lend it (yes, from one of those things called a li-ber-ary). If you want to work on it, buy it.

3. Accept the fear. Then lean into it.

My. God. This was the most amazing discovery for me. An entire blog of women putting it out there for all to see. What they would really do if they weren’t afraid.  I first came across this in the December 2013 issue of Marie Claire magazine and was moved by the article only to be floored by the raw honesty of the blog posts. It all started from a speech given by Facebook’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg,  who asked graduates of Barnard College: What would you do if you weren’t afraid? A message that has since rung hard in the ears of women around the globe.

Real women, real fear. I felt comfort, connection and a little less weird after delving into the Lean In project. Fear was at the absolute crux of why I procrastinated for years before starting tofindandshare. Fear that it wouldn’t be right, that others would judge and ultimately that I would fail. If you’re planning a new somethin-somethin or holding on to old stuff because you fear the new, screw it. SCREW. IT. And then visit the blog.

4. Focus on wellness, not abs.

And if you can get pass that, I think you’re half-way there. This is where I try to stay. Admittedly I fall off the wagon and start eating less and exercising more for the wrong reasons. The Wellness Guys help me stay get back on track beautifully. It is my favourite, favourite way to spend a morning getting in a quick half hour brisk walk while listening to (and learning from) these weekly podcasts. No. 56 ‘The myth of perfection’ and no. 98 ‘From Stress to Strength’ are a couple of beauties.

5. Plan. Just a little

I’m about to pick-up (for the second time) Shannah Kennedy’s Simplify, Structure, Succeed. The practical tool kit for modern life. One might say that if I have to pick this up again, clearly it didn’t work. Here’s the thing, like I said before, horses-for-courses and this time around the track I’m clearer and more motivated than ever to take another look. Yes, the pretty pictures do keep drawing me back and Shannah’s effortlessly simply and structured way of explaining things suits my linear personality. But the main reason I want more is because last time Shannah helped me clarify my values. I’d never been able to do this before. Shannah calls it The Values Game and mine are Happiness, Achievement and Health. This is what drives me. Turns out they can drive me a little crazy, but never the less, these are my drivers.

Now to plan where they’ll take me…



Hey hun, I hope you liked this week’s post? I’ve taken a little va-ca from deep ponders this week and would love to know if you found this useful. Thanks for taking your time-out here xxx


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